Social Aesthetics is the Royal Art that Rudolf Steiner left for us to develop ... "Through this Royal Art, man must acquire control of something similar to the force which sprouts in the plant, the same force that the occultist uses when he accelerates the growth of a plant in front of him. In a similar way, a part of this force must be used for social salvation. This power, which is described by those who know something of the Rosicrucian mysteries — as for example did Bulwer Lytton in his futuristic novel Vril  is at present still in an elementary, germinal, stage. In the Freemasonry of the future, it will be the real content of the higher degrees. The Royal Art will in the future be a social art."


Rudolf Steiner 20. The Royal Art in a New Form, 2 January 1906, Berlin

The Tarot of the Egyptian Masonry of Cagliostro. By Alexander Rybalka. Explanations of the symbolism of the tracing boards for the one hundred degrees. Artist-Designer: Alexander Naumov.

Update 19 May, 2022.

Dear all, thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in anthroposophicum. I am posting this link to all who have expressed some interest in research: through anthroposophicum, the facebook groups, and those who have accompanied the seminars.

Firstly, since founding anthroposophicum in 2020, I translated and posted a number of posts on Judith von Halle, notably translations of her book, The John Individuality, and the Soul Tests book related to Jacques de Molay. Secondly, drawing relation to this year 2022 and the links back to the Treaty of Versailles (1919/20) as well as the upcoming 100-year anniversary of the burning of the First Goetheanum, these were some of the precedents to founding anthroposophicum on the 26th September 2020, reflecting the opening of the First Goetheanum 100 years before in 1919. My aim is to write these up slowly into more essay length texts and hopefully add commentary in book form, to a number of the topics.

In relation to some of the key events of the twentieth century, up to our time, most notably the importance of the 666 year rhythm, and its relation to "culminating" themes around 1998, I have a number of ongoing research themes relating to the Mexican Mysteries, Freemasonry, Jesuitism, and its symbols as they relate to the founding fathers of the USA, present day challenges. Ongoing research into the feminine Abel stream, and the etheric world in relation (see above lecture, and essay Milieu Therapy – The Creative Etheric Womb), are themes I hope to add to the Patreon site. 

The Patreon site gives patrons the possibility engage, comment and post, and helps me financially continue this work. in future I will put up videos of ongoing commentary in lecture and interview form. 

I shall be looking to develop here the background for physical events, in the UK and Switzerland in the coming time, and online events. The themes will reflect some of what I have here outlined:

a) Developing mantra, poetry and image centred around new perception of the etheric forces, as part of the Royal Art, as a force for social change, and as part of a new feminine appreciation of those mysteries.

b) Developing understanding of hypnosis as it plays out in the history of the twentieth century in pop culture and music and Hollywood, in relation to the existing symbolism of Freemasonry.

c) Transforming the images and mantras we have received them from Rudolf Steiner into a living meditative path (eg: translation to English to retain the power of the First Class mantras; plus art work to accompany). 

The new Patreon site enables people to support this ongoing research. Anything you can contribute is helpful for me to keep up this up. The minimum is 5$ a month but more is of course warmly welcome​:


Ongoing research and donations

More generally our aim is to outline the need for social initiatives reflecting an artistic orientation; and focussing on the importance of the environment as "milieu" (an outline of such an approach, see here) architecture, education in arts, sciences and the humanities. Collaboration toward broadly international multi disciplinary centres such as these are the aim. In these undertakings we are interested in social, education and business enterprise and initiatives, interested primarily in what can emerge through associative economic engagement. Donations can be made on a monthly basis, or yearly through Patreon, or for larger sums direct to the account. Contact, negotiation and discussion is key to such initiatives. Please use the contact form below.

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Group online courses

"Brotherhood and sisterhood reconsidered: spiritual qualification as stated in the original Christmas Conference statutes is the responsibility to choose to know, Discernment. In this process of decisive and active choosing, spiritual research is how the anthroposophical impulse moves forward to us from the future."

90 min to 120 min weekly group Zoom call, additional articles and links discussion through the week via the anthroposophicum group page.

Background reading and meditation or what we might call follow up homework will be about 2 to 3 hours. Calls will be Sunday 18.30 UK time.

Sign up: Participation is by invite and prior consultation and people are advised to have read Theosophy, Occult Science and Knowledge of Higher Worlds. Please note: The course does require prior study and experience of esoteric elements outlined in these books. Please include a short biographical background.

Currently Running 

From Jesus to Christ, 8 weeks, 31 July to September 18

Price: $350

Free introduction discussion into Zoom call.18.30 UK time. For recording please message below.

Broad outline of background subjects:

1. The Wizard of Oz and the transition to the post 1945 world.
2. The occult twilight script of Freemasonic symbolism, myth and story.
 3. Controlled media, mileu culture, and alchemical imagination.
4. Popular narrative and the management of political dialectics.
5. Seeding material culture : Jesuit principles of social engineering.
6. Contemporary psychology counterposed with occult science. 
7. Meditation inner work and navigating the karmic crossroads.
8. Rudolf Steiner: the art of socio-spiritual engagement. 

First Class, lessons 13-19, start date 15th May. 8 weeks to 3 July.

Price: $350 

Building on the lessons up to this point, man know thyself, the only door to knowledge, the three beats of the threshold, the doppleganger, the hierarchies, Lucifer, Ahriman, the view from the stars, the sun and the moon, karma and research, occult deception in the post 1945 world, the realms of nature, the soul world and the spiritual world, resolving karma. 

Lectures to the First Class 

1:1 Coaching, Individual or Duo.

Price: 8 week Block $700 

Please include a short bio and background in relation to anthroposophy or other esoteric streams. Or drop a message and we can speak about possibilities. Sessions can be one hour a week or more by arrangement.

First Class, & Karma Research

Extended commentary on a lecture by Glenn Bard in Findhorn, Scotland, of 19 February, 2022. On January 16th, 1923 Rudolf Steiner spoke at the school of Emil Molt in Stuttgart. Sixteen days after the tragedy of the burning of the First Goetheanum. Here we find teachers and colleagues collected around Walter Johannes Stein and Eugene Kolisko. 

Rudolf Steiner spoke here on the subject of Parsifal, relating the content to the subject of the sword that was broken that shall be remade. Stein asked Rudolf Steiner why pictures would always come two times in the Parsifal story, and the answer was the the Holy Grail has this power to take an old image and resurrect it, to stream forth in a completely new way. 

Rudolf Steiner taught to let the children think for themselves what the term "Knights of the Word" (mars) might mean in contradistinction to "Knights of the Sword" (mercury). The sword that shall be forged anew, to be taken to the waters before sunrise. 

The Glenn Bard lecture of January 16th, 2022 is significant for it calls, it is also symptomatic  of something that was broken to await a fresh impulse, 100 years in the future. 2022 is now the 99th before that year, 2023, 100 years later. 

Rudolf Steiner

Marie Steiner



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